About me... My name is Evan Campanella. I am a painter / graphic designer / illustrator. I have been for 12 years. I went to SUNY New Paltz for painting. Who knew that I would get a full time job painting murals right out of school. I'd worked at Painted Pieces Ltd. for 2 years and at that time, got an education that I wouldn't have been able to get at any masters program at any college anywhere. I then moved on to the apparel field. I'd been an embroidery production artist for 3 years and then a screen-print / embroidery designer for an additional 6 years at MV Sport / Weatherproof. All of the works that you'll see apart from my paintings are tee-shirt graphics. I was their in-house illustrator. I was encouraged to work in a variety of styles to create dynamic and beautiful graphics for shops and tourist destinations. My home base is my painting. I am currently a member of the B.J. Spoke gallery in Huntington, NY. I paint in my free time and would love (as many would) to make it my vocation. My painting is my main creative outlet and the inner-space of my mind. I'd be doing it regardless of whether or not I was promoting it. I want people to be able to relate to the honest tone, the occasional whimsy, and orgiastic colors. These are totemic distillations of what's going on in my life. They also happen to be visually beautiful. The subject matter is my point of view. I hope you enjoy them.